APMA 2019

Hosted by Powder Metallurgy Association of India

Paper Presentations :

  • All presentations must be made in English, the official language of the conference.
  • Please avoid crass commercialism. Marketing presentations are not allowed. The company logo on the slides is allowed.
  • All technical session speakers must identify and meet the session chairperson at least 20 minutes before the start of their session. The technical program will have the chairperson’s name.
  • All speakers must adhere to the time given to them for their presentations, both start and finish times. This is important to ensure that the event goes as per schedule. Speakers will receive a signal 5 minutes before their completion time.
  • Speakers are requested to carry their presentation on a USB pen drive.
  • All speakers must submit their presentation to the session chair person before the start of their session. Presentations can be preloaded in the conference laptop or made directly from their USB pen drive.
  • All speakers are required to register as delegates before January 15, 2019

Oral Presentation

The following AV equipment will be available:

  • Screen and Projector
  • Laptop
  • Collar Microphone
  • Laser Pointer & Slide Manager
  • Lectern (podium) with fixed Microphone

Guidelines for presentations

  • LESS IS BETTER. Please avoid cluttering your slide with text.
  • Please use visuals and illustrations wherever possible to explain concepts instead on text.
  • Use easy to read fonts like Arial, Calibri, Sans Sherif, Trebuchet MS.
  • Please ensure font sizes are large enough to be seen by everyone in the room. We recommend font sizes of 16 and above.
  • Avoid distracting backgrounds and colours.
  • Avoid using very light colours as the projector may lighten colours making them difficult to see or read
  • Use a single slide for each idea or concept.

Poster Presentations :

  • All posters are to be in English, the official language of the conference.
  • The event organizers will provide space & panels for poster display. Authors need to bring their own posters & poster mounting materials such as sticking tape & thumb tacks. It is recommended that all posters be laminated.
  • The max size allowed for the poster is A0 (33.1 x 46.8 inches).
  • The technical program (which will appear in this website on around week 7, 2019) will give the poster name & location where it has to be installed.
  • The presenting author must be available near their posters for discussion for the time allotted for their display.
  • It is the author’s responsibility to remove the poster after the display time allotted.
  • Any poster that is not removed will be discarded. The event organizers will not store or send the posters to authors.
  • The presenting author is required to register as a delegate before January 15, 2019