APMA 2019

Hosted by Powder Metallurgy Association of India




(INR 700,000/- , USD 10,770/- , Euro 8,860/-)
(INR 150,000/-, USD 2,310/-, Euro 1,900/-)
Delegate Registrations 5 complementary registrations + 3 complementary registrations for customers (conditions apply) 2 complementary registrations
Advertisement in Conference Guide Yes Yes
Logo on Backdrops, Banners Yes Yes
Banner Ad on Website Yes No
Exhibition Stall 1 complementary stall + 50% discount on second stall 50% discount on one stall
Inclusion in PMAI's Suppliers Directory Yes Yes
Recognition During Inaugural Session Yes Yes
Corporate Presentation During Plenary Session Yes No
VIP Dinner 2 Invitations 1 Invitation
* Prices do not include 18% GSTax
# Patron sponsors will have preferential visibility throughout the conference

PMAI offers other sponsorship opportunities like the APMA 2019 Mobile App, delegate kit bags, pens & notepad, lanyard, gala dinners and other innovative ideas. Email conadmin@apma2019.com for more information.

Advertising in the Conference Guide (full colour)

    Back cover : INR 75,000/- Net. (USD 1,153/-, Euro 947/-)
    Back inner cover : INR 50,000/- Net. (USD 770/-, Euro 632/-)
    Front Inner Cover : INR 50,000/- Net. (USD 770/-, Euro 632/-)
    Full page : INR 25,000/- Net. (USD 385/-, Euro 316/-)

Exhibition (11:00Hr on 19th to 16:30Hr on 21st Feb, 2019)

A limited number of pre-fabricated (Shell scheme) stalls are available to PM parts manufacturers and suppliers of materials, services and equipment to the PM industry. Each stall is equipped with one name fascia, carpeting, 3 spot lights, 1 power outlet 220 V AC single phase 6 Amps, 1 table, 2 chairs & 1 dustbin. Allotment of stalls & location will be at the discretion of the organisers. This is a small but exclusive exhibition where good visibility is guaranteed for all stall locations. Most visitors are decision makers and key operating personnel.

Exhibitors will be listed in the conference guide and are entitled to one complementary delegate registration plus food coupons for one more person per stall.

Stall size INR USD Euro
Per unit of 3mW x 2mD x 2.2mH 150,000/- 2,300/- 1,890/-
  • Stall bookings will be taken up for processing once the down payment is received.
  • The down payment is 50% of the total amount (No. of stalls x INR.1,50,000 {USD 2,300/- or Euro 1,890/-}) + GST @18%.
  • When the stall is allotted the 50% balance payment should be received before 31 Oct, 2018.
  • Cancellation fee is 20% if canceled before 31 Oct, 2018, 50% if cancelled before 31 Dec, 2018 & no refund thereafter.

For stall booking please email conadmin@apma2019.com.

Display & Distribution of Leaflets: INR 25,000/- Net (USD 385/-, Euro 316/-).

Max. A4 size, will be placed in an exhibition stand. Not more than 300 copies should be delivered to the PMAI office before 15 Jan, 2019.

PMAI offers other sponsorship opportunities like delegate kit bags, stationery, lanyard, gala dinner and is willing to discuss other innovative ideas. Write to us at conadmin@apma2019.com.

All above prices are Net and do not include GST (18%).

  • All payments can be made via cheque,demand draft or online transfer. Please email conadmin@apma2019.com for assistance.
  • All bank charges will have to be borne by the sponsor/ advertiser/ exhibitor.
  • INR = Indian Rupees.
  • Proforma invoices will be issued on request.