APMA 2019

Hosted by PMAI LOGOPowder Metallurgy Association of India


These awards are given for the best PM/ PIM/ AM parts developed after December 31, 2017 and which are in commercial production.


Citation and trophy.

Rules & Regulations

1) To participate in this award, you need to be either a corporate member of PMAI, a conference sponsor or a registered fully-paid conference delegate.

2) The product should be in regular manufacture and should be used for an industrial application; burden of proof is on the applicant.

3) Prototypes of concepts are not eligible.

4) By participating in this award, the company agrees to grant PMAI the right to showcase the winning entry at its events and in any publication it sees fit.

5) Atleast one part for which the award is sought must be made available to PMAI (if part is under 50 kgs). PMAI reserves the right to display the winning part during conferences and events. As the parts will be on display, they will not be returned.

6) The following information must be provided

  • Name of company
  • Name of part
  • Place of production
  • Date when commercial production began and prior history
  • Quantity invoiced as of date of filling the form
  • Product description in detail along with diagrams and photographs
  • Production and process flow
  • Production process highlighting challenges faced and how ther were overcome
  • How and to what extend does the product provide cost savings and/or improved functionality? Please quantify your response where possible
  • Describe how this product is better than available alternatives

7) Please use Arial font, size 12, single spacing

8) All diagrams, illustrations and drawings need to be clearly labelled

9) A company representative must be available for an interview with the judges

10) The decision of the award committee will be final and cannot be appealed against

Deadline for Submission

January 15, 2019